Spot the Difference

The Ten Plagues Kids Spot The Difference

By: Sharefaith

Description: Fun, challenging and silly your kids are going to need to pay close attention if they want to discover every change in this ten plagues spot the difference Bible activity page. With stunning illustrations, this Sunday school activity resource makes a great compliment to your Exodus 1-11 kids Bible lesson.

Tags Used: The Ten Plagues, Plagues of Egypt, Exodus 11, Book of Exodus, Sunday School Lesson, Activity, Print Activity, Spot The Difference

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This Sunday School lesson from Sharefaith Kids brings to life the awe-inspiring Biblical account of the Ten Plagues. After Pharaoh refuses to free the Hebrew slaves, God unleashes terrible wonders in the land of Egypt. This kids Bible lesson from the book of Exodus shows how completely God judges sin, and how powerfully he saves those who put their faith in Him!