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Psalm 91 A Mighty Fortress is our God Bible Video for Kids

By: Sharefaith

Description: A Mighty Fortress is our God Kids Bible Video (Psalm 91:1-16) This powerful video brings to life the amazing imagery of Psalm 91. It is a great reminder that no matter what dangers we face in life, children of God need never fear. For the Lord is our protector - a mighty fortress is our God! Featuring award-winning illustrations, powerful storytelling, and a beautiful musical score this Psalm 91 video is the perfect centerpiece to your lesson.

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This amazing kids Bible lesson brings to life the vivid imagery of Psalm 91. In a world filled with dangers, this lesson will remind your class that the child of God has nothing to fear. The lord is our protector and in him we find a safe hiding place! Featuring a world-class video, interactive slideshow, a host of Bible activities and so much more this Sunday School lesson for children is going to be a hit with your class!