Countdown Timers

Promise of Christmas 5 Minute Countdown

By: Sharefaith

Description: A gorgeous 5 minute Bible countdown timer featuring vibrant artwork from the Promise of Christmas. Five minutes long, this resource is a great visual cue to remind your students how much time is left until class starts, an activity ends, or anything in between! This Promise of Christmas countdown timer makes a fantastic classroom management tool no teacher should be without.

Tags Used: Matthew 2, Christmas, Sunday School Lesson, Kids Bible Video, animation, homeschooling, online school, countdown timer, 5 minute countdown

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The Promise of Christmas Sunday School lesson explores God's eternal plan to send the world a savior. This was a plan that stretched all the way back to the beginning, including father Abraham, King David and the Prophets. Ultimately, Jesus fulfilled every promise God made about the savior, he is the greatest Christmas gift we will ever receive! Inside this kids Bible lesson you'll find an exciting resource bundle that includes a beautiful Bible video, teaching slideshow, fun activities and volunteer-friendly curriculum. It's everything you need to teach the Christmas story with confidence!