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Naaman The Leper 2 Kings 5 Sunday School Crossword Puzzles

By: Sharefaith

Description: The amazing story of Naaman the leper is packed full of details, make sure your kids remember them all with this 2 Kings 5 Sunday school crossword puzzle. You'll love watching your kids open their Bibles as they search for answers about Naaman the leper, 2 Kings 5, Elijah the prophet, Ben-hadad and more!

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This Sunday School lesson from Sharefaith Kids centers on a Syrian commander named Naaman who suffered the disease of leprosy. After obediently following the instructions of Elijah the Prophet, Naaman was healed washing in the Jordan River three times. This kids Bible lesson from 2 Kings 5 is a powerful picture of our salvation from sin by the blood of Jesus Christ.