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Matthew 2 The Magi Christmas Story Kids Bible Countdown Video for Kids

By: Sharefaith

Description: A gorgeous 5 minute Bible countdown timer featuring vibrant artwork from the Matthew 2 The Magi Christmas Story Timer. Five minutes long, this resource is a great visual cue to remind your students how much time is left until class starts, an activity ends, or anything in between! This 1 Kings Story of David countdown timer makes a fantastic classroom management tool no teacher should be without.

Tags Used: Matthew 2, Christmas, Mary, Joseph, Sunday School Lesson, Kids Bible Video, animation, homeschooling, online school, countdown timer, 5 minute countdown

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This powerful kids Bible lesson presents the timeless Christmas story as seen through the eyes of the Magi or Wise Men. Upon seeing a miraculous star the Wise Men embark upon the journey of a lifetime leading them to the forgotten town of Bethlehem. There, they discover that all who seek Jesus will find him. What a perfect lesson to teach your children during the holiday season! This collection is beautifully designed, easy to teach, and made for kids. Resources include: Bible story mini-movie, interactive lesson slideshow, printable activities, curriculum and much more.