Preschool Word Picture Match

Matthew 2 Journey of the Wise Men Preschool Word Picture Match

By: Sharefaith

Description: This Matthew 2 Preschool activity page is going to be a great compliment to your PreK lesson on Journey of the Wise Men. Your kids will get to practice their writing by tracing words and then practice their reading by matching words to pictures.

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The Matthew 2 Journey of the Wise Men Preschool lesson follows the Wise Men (Magi) as they are led by a miraculous star on the journey of a lifetime. This journey takes The Magi to Jerusalem, the courts of King Herod, and finally to Bethlehem where they worship Jesus with gifts of gold, frankincense, and myrrh. Your kids will discover that all who seek Jesus will find him! Inside this PreK Bible lesson you’ll find a beautiful Bible video, easy-to-use curriculum, and fun printable activities that include coloring pages, mazes, connect-the-dots, word picture match and more!