Spot the Difference

Luke 8 The Man in the Tombs Spot the Differences

By: Sharefaith

Description: Can you spot the difference? Is there a difference? Packed with silly fun, this Luke 8 The Man in the Tombs activity is a fun-filled resource that is perfect for your upcoming Luke 8 Kids Bible Lesson.

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Jesus traveled across the Sea of Galilee to the country of Gerasene where he met a man possessed by demons. The demons made the man crazy, and he lived naked in the cemetery. The demons inside the man immediately knew who Jesus was and the power He had over them. They begged Him for mercy and not to be cast back into Hell. They asked to be sent into a herd of pigs. Jesus agreed to their request. When the demons entered the pigs, they stampeded over a cliff and into the lake below where they drowned. The men who were out tending to the pigs ran back to the town and out into the country to tell people about what they had seen. Some of the townspeople came out to see for themselves. They found the madman dressed in decent clothing speaking like a sane person and sitting at Jesus’s feet. The drastic change was too much for the people to understand, and it scared them. They asked Jesus to leave, and He did as they asked. The man whom Jesus had saved from the demons begged to go with Jesus, but He told the man to tell everyone about what God had done for him. The man went on to do what Jesus had asked of him.