Word Search Puzzles

Luke 2 Mary and Joseph Christmas Story Bible Word Search Puzzles

By: Sharefaith

Description: If your kids like solving puzzles, then they are going to love this Luke 2 Mary and Joseph Kids Bible activity. Filled with key concepts from the Christmas story this Bible Word Search Puzzle is a must have holiday resource!

Tags Used: Matthew 1, Matthew 2, Luke 2, The Christmas Story, The Story of Mary and Joseph, Mary, Joseph, Sunday School Lesson, Activity, Print Activity, Word Search, Word Search Puzzle

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This Luke 2 Sunday School lesson for Kids brings to life the awe-inspiring Christmas story as seen through the eyes of Mary and Joseph. The story begins with an angelic proclamation of good news and then moves to a humble stable where Jesus is born. The action continues into the courts of an evil king named Herod and concludes with mysterious Wise Men from the East. This Sunday School lesson has everything you need to confidently share the Christmas story with your kids, including a captivating Bible video, teaching slideshow, interactive activities and volunteer-friendly curriculum.