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Luke 19 Story of Zacchaeus Bible Video For Kids

By: Sharefaith

Description: The Luke 19 story of Zacchaeus like never before! A hated tax collector who took advantage of his fellow countrymen, Zacchaeus was unexpectedly invited to dinner with Jesus. This dinner proved nothing short of life changing! After his time with Jesus Zacchaeus promised to give half his money to the poor and pay back fourfold all the money he had stolen. With award winning illustrations and powerful narration, this kids Bible video is the perfect centerpiece for your upcoming Luke 19:1-10 Sunday school lesson.

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This Sunday School lesson from Sharefaith Kids centers on a corrupt tax collector named Zacchaeus. After climbing a sycamore tree, Zacchaeus accepts a dinner invitation from Jesus. Their conversation at dinner leads to a profound change of heart in Zacchaeus. The repentant tax collector promises to give back half his money to the poor and repay, fourfold, all he had stolen.