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Jonah 4 A Bitter Prophet Bible Video for Kids

By: Sharefaith

Description: In this Jonah 4 kids Bible video, Jonah learned that God had decided to forgive the people of Nineveh instead of punishing them and became angry. He yelled at God for changing His mind and stormed out of the city, found a hill where he built a makeshift shelter to sit under while he watched the city to see what would happen. God caused a plant with large, broad leaves to spring up, under which Jonah enjoyed sitting in the shade. God then caused a worm to show up and begin eating the plant. The worm ate so much that the plant withered and died. When Jonah discovered that the tree was dead, he became angry again and wished that he were dead. God asked Jonah why he was so upset over a plant that he had done nothing for. God pointed out that if Jonah could be so upset over a plant that he had no real emotional attachment to, why shouldn’t God show compassion to a city of 120,000 people, not to mention animals, that He created. With award-winning artwork, amazing animation, and bold storytelling this Jonah 4 Bible Video for Kids is a must-have Sunday School resource.

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In this Jonah 3 kids Bible story, After the fish spit out Jonah on the shore, God spoke to him a second time. God told Jonah to go to Nineveh to tell them to repent. This time, Jonah got up and immediately obeyed God. When he reached the massive city of Nineveh, which took three days to cross, he walked for an entire day before he stopped and delivered God’s message to the people. When the king heard Jonah’s message from God, he also changed into burlap clothing and sat in the dirt. When God saw how the people of Nineveh had reacted to His message, He changed His mind and decided not to punish them as He had planned. Inside this kids Bible lesson you’ll find an exciting resource bundle that includes a beautiful Bible video, teaching slideshow, fun activities, an interactive family devotional, and volunteer-friendly curriculum. It’s everything you need to teach Jonah 3 Nineveh Repents with confidence!