John 3 Born Again Curriculum

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Description: The John 3 Born Again Sunday School Curriculum empowers you to confidently teach an inspiring John 3 Sunday School lesson to your kids. This must-have teaching resource is packed with content that includes key teaching points, activities, Q&A discussions, closing prayer and so much more!

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In this John 3 kids Bible video, Nicodemus, a respected member of the Pharisees, met with Jesus at night to find out more about this man who he understood had clearly been sent by God. Jesus told Nicodemus that he was right, that God had sent Him. Jesus then told him that to enter the Kingdom of God, one must be born again. This made no sense to Nicodemus, and he questioned what He meant. Jesus responded that much like we don’t know where the wind comes from or where it is going, we can feel it, and we know it exists. A baby is just a body that we can see and touch, but the person – the personality and values he/she holds – is formed by something that cannot be seen or touched. This is what it is like for those born of the Spirit. Nicodemus still didn’t get it, and Jesus questioned whether he would be able to understand more complex ideas if he wouldn’t grasp something that had been likened to earthly things. Jesus told Nicodemus that He only spoke and gave witness to things that He Himself had experienced or had seen with His own eyes. Jesus explained that the serpent Moses held up in the desert was for people to see and believe in, and that it was for the same purpose that He had been sent to the Earth. Anyone who looked to Him and believed would have eternal life. God sent Him not to judge but to save. The light He brought to Earth was despised by those who do evil deeds, but those who live by the truth embrace the light because it will show that their work was done for God. With award-winning artwork, amazing animation, and bold storytelling this John 3 Bible Video for Kids is a must-have Sunday School resource.