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John 14 The Way the Truth and the Life Bible Video for Kids

By: Sharefaith

Description: The way, the truth, and the life Kids Bible Video (John 14:1-11). Part six of Sharefaith Kids I AM lesson series, this powerful video first looks back at an amazing dream Jacob had about a ladder that stretched from heaven to earth. Then, Jesus is shown to be the fulfillment of this dream! Featuring award-winning artwork and moving storytelling this John 14 kids Bible video is a must see!

Tags Used: The Way the Truth and the Life, I am, Jesus I am statements, John 14, Sunday School Lesson, Kids Bible Video

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This Sunday School lesson is part of the Sharefaith Kids lesson series - I AM, Seven Sayings of Jesus. Long before the birth of Jesus a man named Jacob had an amazing dream of a ladder stretching from heaven to earth. In this lesson we discover that Jesus is the fulfillment of this dream! Through the sacrifice of his own life Jesus became our way to spend eternity with God in heaven. This encouraging lesson will remind your children of the great hope they have in Christ. All lesson resources are classroom ready and feature - Bible story video, lesson slideshow, printable activities, curriculum and so much more.