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John 10 I am the Door Kids Bible Story

By: Sharefaith

Description: The amazing I am the Door kids Bible Story (John 10:1-10). Part three of the Sharefaith Kids I AM lesson series, I am the Door brings to life the astounding safety and security that is found in Jesus. Using the imagery of a sheepfold, and a loving Shepherd, this John 10 Kids Bible lesson shows how Jesus places his life between us and any danger we face. Packed with resource like Q&A, Memory Verse and Big Idea this I am the Door Sunday School lesson is not to be missed.

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This Sunday School lesson is part of the Sharefaith Kids lesson series: I AM, Seven Sayings Of Jesus. I am the Door is a kids Bible lesson that illustrates the unshakable safety and security found in Jesus. Using the powerful imagery of a sheepfold and a loving shepherd Jesus declares that he will place his life between us and any danger we face. In a frightening world your kids need to hear this powerful truth! A must-have resource for Sunday School teachers this lesson suite includes - Bible video, lesson slideshow, print activities, Bible games, worship media and much more!