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Jesus Chooses His 12 Disciples Sunday School Coloring Pages

By: Sharefaith

Description: If you have kids who like to color, then they are going to love these printable 12 disciples activity pages. With hand drawn illustrations and incredible attention to detail your children will be able to unleash their creativity by coloring in each and every one of the 12 disciples!

Tags Used: Jesus Chooses his 12 Disciples, 12 Apostles, Matthew 4, Matthew 10, Mark 3, Luke 6, Acts 1, Sunday School Lesson, Activity, Print Activity, Coloring, Coloring Pages

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This Sunday School lesson from Sharefaith Kids finds Jesus calling 12 ordinary men to follow him. As recorded in Matthew 4, Mark 3, Luke 6 and Acts 1 we see that the 12 disciples may have come from obscurity but Jesus gave them a world-changing assignment. To tell the world the Good News about him! This kids Bible lesson reminds that Jesus has called us all to follow him.