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Acts 3 Peter Heals the Lame Man Bible Video For Kids

Description: Peter heals the lame man like never before! In the face of hopelessness, a poor beggar reaches out to the Apostle Peter at the Gate Beautiful. Though Peter has no silver or gold to offer, he gives the lame man something infinitely better – Healing in the name of Jesus Christ! With award winning illustrations and powerful narration this kids Bible video is guaranteed to take your upcoming Act 3 Sunday school lesson to the next level. Biblical and inspiring, your kids will love it!

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This Sunday School lesson from Sharefaith Kids features a powerful story of faith, hope and love. As recorded in Acts 3, when a poor beggar lame from birth crosses paths with Peter and John he finds they have no money to give. Instead of money Peter and John give him something far better, healing in the name of Jesus Christ!