Word Search Puzzles

Acts 27 Shipwreck Bible Word Search Puzzles

By: Sharefaith

Description: If your kids like solving puzzles then they are going to love this Acts 27 Bible Activity. Filled with big ideas and key terms from the Shipwreck Sunday School lesson, this Bible Word Search Puzzle is a must have kids resource!

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In Acts 27 we read of Paul's exciting voyage from Caesarea to Rome. In the midst of his journey a fierce winter storm threatened to to destroy his ship and take the lives of everyone on board. But Paul never lost his faith in God's promise, and he inspired everyone aboard to take courage. Not even a shipwreck could stop the mission God had given Paul! The Shipwreck Sunday School lesson comes with an exciting resource bundle that includes a beautiful Bible video, teaching slideshow, fun activities and volunteer-friendly curriculum. It's everything you need to teach the story of Acts 27 with confidence!