Crossword Puzzles

40 Years In The Wilderness Sunday School Crossword Puzzles

By: Sharefaith

Description: These Sunday school crossword puzzles are both fun and an excellent teaching tool. You'll love watching your kids search their Bibles as they are asked questions related to the Israelite's 40 years in the wilderness.

Tags Used: 40 Years in the Wilderness, Wilderness Wanderings, Book of Exodus, Book of Deuteronomy, Sunday School Lesson, Activity, Print Activity, Crossword, Crossword Puzzle

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This Sunday School lesson from Sharefaith Kids brings to life a difficult chapter in the history of the Hebrews. After their miraculous exodus from Egypt the Israelites disobeyed God. As a result the Isrealites spent 40 wandering in the wilderness. But God mercifully cared for his people during this time providing water from a rock and manna from heaven!